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Train on Fire

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Kitty Marion just wanted to sing. Instead, she became one of the most volatile suffragettes in Britain’s history. Train on Fire is a show where the feminists of today tell the story of a feminist of yesterday.

The show takes place at the height of the women’s suffrage movement in London. Kitty Marion comes to town with nothing but a letter from an agent, a suitcase, and a song. As she continually refuses to give up her independence, she is pushed out of entertainment industry entirely. Precisely then, the suffragettes find Marion, and they are fighting for everything she stands for. But when the government refuses to listen, Marion turns to more explosive means of garnering attention.

Production History:

-Spotlight on New Musicals Concert at the Union Theatre


-MTFest UK 2023 at The Other Palace

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WINDSONG is a folk opera. One day, a man sang a song, which got scattered by the wind. People from all walks of life find the pieces, become enchanted by the music, and try to make the song whole once more. 

Production History:

-Workshop - June 2021 (self-produced)

Concert - August 2021 (Flatiron Arts)

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Notes & Letters

NOTES & LETTERS follows Joe’s journey from war-torn Prague to Williams Piano Shop in Chicago in 1917. He quickly befriends the owner Charlie, his girlfriend Nora, and composer Olivia. The foursome become inseparable – until World War I hits the U.S. Businesses, relationships and lives are put to the test. Based on a true story and set to a jazz-contemporary score, four young people struggle to make choices amid complete chaos.

Production History:

-Staged Reading: Chicago Musical Theatre Festival, 2018

-Workshop: Underscore Theatre Company, August 2019

-*Premiere Production: Underscore Theatre Company,  12-28 May

Press Release HERE

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The Voodoo Queen

THE VOODOO QUEEN is about the mysterious Voodoo Priestess and healer, Marie Laveau. Everyone in New Orleans knew her name. But did anyone actually know the woman underneath the infamous turban?  We follow her ambitious rise to power through her mysterious disappearance, meet some other famous legends along the way, and explore the question: Can a woman's ambitions spiral out of control? 

Production History:

-Breaking and Entering Theatre Collective's Pre-Emerging Artists New Works Series:


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Starfall is a musical fairy tale for young audiences. The story follows two friends from different worlds trying to understand each other. Celia is a StarHanger; every night she hangs up the stars in the night sky, each containing a dream. Ash is a TreeKeeper; they (Ash is to be played by an actor of any gender) have never seen the sky before, as all TreeKeepers live below-ground, tending and organizing the roots of all of the plants. On the evening of a great flood, Ash’s forest floor washes away in part, giving them passage to the Earth’s surface. Ash sees the night sky for the first time, and meets Celia. The two become friends, and struggle to understand each other while not being able to see each other. They must learn to show their friendship for one another in new ways. In the end, the two learn that they can be friends from far away, and that everyone has a different perspective from which they see the world. 

Production History:

-Workshop: Music Institute Chicago (virtual) 

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