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Sheet music available for purchase on request.

 Contact Me for sheet music. 

Picking Up Pieces (Notes & Letters) 

Performed by Kamryn Harris, acc. Annabelle Revak

Let Them Be Afraid (The Voodoo Queen)

Performed by Jaeda Blair and Kamryn Harris

Redbird, Bluebird (Notes & Letters) 

Performed by Reagan Pender and Annabelle Revak


Performed by Sydney Richards

Fool Me Twice (Notes and Letters) 

Performed by Rachel E. Johnson and Heidi Joosten

Leaving for London Soon 

 Performed by Rhys Bakulinski

Creative Affair

 Performed by Whitney Rhodes, acc. Annabelle Revak

I Know Me

 Performed by Rhys Bakulinski, Sydney Richards, & Taylor Anapol

Smile and Nod 

Performed by Heather Zurowski and Zoe DePreta, acc. Annabelle Revak

Two Girls (Notes & Letters) 

Performed by Reagan Pender, acc. Annabelle Revak

Bottom of the Well (Notes & Letters) 

Performed by Bryce Ancil and Becca Krauss acc. Annabelle Revak

Prologue (The Voodoo Queen)

Performed by Ariel Triunfo, acc. Annabelle Revak

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