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Bronco Billy at Charing Cross Theatre

I travelled to London for the first time in 2019, after finishing my undergrad. My family and I all went to see Amour at Charing Cross Theatre (MD'd by my now-friend and fellow multi-hyphenate Jordan Li-Smith! Small world..). I remember loving the theatre and the show, and daydreaming about how incredible it would be to work someplace like Charing Cross. Five years later, that dream came true! As Bronco Billy himself says, 'Never - ever! - give up on your dreams!'

(Images: Bronco Billy Set, 2024 / Amour Set 2019, both Charing Cross Theatre, London)

I was the copyist for the recent UK premiere of Bronco Billy, recently produced in LA pre-pandemic. Working with music director Marcus Carter-Adams and the band to bring the project was a privilege - and a chance to brush up on my Finale skills. Come ride with us between now-7 April at Charing Cross Theatre in London.

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