Nothing Is Going to Plan

Of course it's not! What would a theatre project be if it didn't go completely haywire?

To be clear, I absolutely did have a plan. It was beautifully organized, showing the week and everything that had to be done in that week. It was foolproof!

Of course it wasn't.

So first, I ended up leaving for Christmas vacation MUCH earlier than planned, due to closures and cancellations. I did my performance final for the semester, packed, rescheduled all of my travel, took a covid test, and got on a train at 7a.m. the next morning.

Oh, boo hoo, five extra days in Paris, poor me!

Yeah, that part was great.

I did as much work as I could from a hotel room. Luckily, at least the first week of my meticulous plan had gone on as scheduled. All of the performers already had their music, backing tracks and instructions were disseminated. All I should have had to do was wait.

Then I was ghosted by EVERYONE. No responses from any singers for two weeks. Finally, one of them finally got back to me on Boxing Day, saying she had covid. Ok, fine. Rest up, I'll either sing her part or find someone else to do it. Then another performer finally replied two days ago, saying she had misread the dates of when I'd like everything back. I got her track yesterday. Then I got a completed track and video from another performer, done and dusted. Great! I got a reply from one performer, saying they were recording that very day. Amazing! That was two days ago -still haven't gotten that track.

^TL;DR: I started the month with the intention of putting out six songs, and now I'm down to three - IF I ever get that third video back before January 3rd.

Oh. I'm also changing my major (or 'transferring course,' as I guess I'm supposed to say here). And I'm moving. And writing a musical. I basically feel like the human embodiment of the upside-down-face emoji.

Today was the day I was supposed to publish this project, according to my nice little plan.

Guess I'll just be posting on the actual module deadline, then.

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