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Notes & Letters: World Premiere!

Notes & Letters has opened and closed its world premiere in Chicago, IL. I wanted to say thank you to the incredible cast, crew, and creative team, and especially to Underscore Theatre Company for making it all possible! While there is more on the horizon for Notes & Letters, here are some lovely highlights from the production.

The show was on WGN-9 Chicago!

There were some lovely reviews:

'As a whole, “Notes and Letters” has so many stellar aspects that it would take time to praise them all. It is fun evening’s entertainment and a credit to the multitalented playwright/lyricist/composer Annabelle Lee Revak.' -Julia W. Rath, Around the Town Chicago

'Notes & Letters is an earnest historical slice-of-life musical.' -Kerry Reid, Chicago Reader

'Simply put, the production is excellent...It is very well written by Annabelle Lee Revak. It will surely have many more productions after this short run ends.' -Quinn Delaney, PlaylistHQ

The cast ALL played piano! (I am so proud of all of you, you're incredible)

And only one performance got cancelled, and it was graciously NOT due to COVID! (Speaking of - our rockstar SM Abby Teel was fabulous and enacted biweekly testing for the cast/crew and kept everyone safe and healthy during the production, and we could not have done it without her!)

Special thanks also needs to be said to Aaron Roberts for being dramaturg/script coordinator - you kept me sane, can I keep you forever?

Thanks Underscore for a wild, wonderful ride! Stay tuned (get it? - tuned - because of the pianos....OK I'm done) for more on Notes & Letters...

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