Let's Call it a First Draft

Whew! I'd like to say 'It's finished!' but I definitely wouldn't want to leave this project where it is. However: The Alley exists!

I've had a massive amount of fun working on this project! - just remind me not to do it over Christmas next time.

Between the pudding-induced 'time isn't real' pit that everyone fell into after Christmas, vacations, and COVID getting to half of my singers, I had to essentially cut the content in half for this draft of The Alley, which was obviously not ideal. But I DID get a good sense of how much time I'll need in the future to update and add to this project.

I will explain the entire process and show the back-end tags/algorithms/software details in my final reflection blog in greater detail, as well as share my future plans for the project. I have published this version purely for the deadline, with the intent of updating the project with more content at a later date, not for the class but because I really like this project and I think it has some potential.

Welcome to The Alley.

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